Ace the interview

job interview

Congratulations, you earned yourself an interview! Here's how to achieve an effective interview experience that highlights your interest, qualifications, and strengths:

  1. Do Your Research. Learn about the company you're interviewing for by reading news articles, websites, and press releases. Consider reaching out to people you know who work or have worked at that company for an inside perspective. Having this background information will allow you to speak more intelligently about the company, frame your experiences through its lens, and determine your fit--skills, values, strengths, you name it. You'll be seen as a professional with a strong work ethic who takes these opportunities seriously.
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice. Practice answering sample interview questions out loud with others--or with us! Make an appointment to perform a mock interview with the Job Connector today.
  3. Plan Ahead. Make sure your interview day is as stress-free as possible: 
    • Develop a list of questions to ask the employer. The interview is the perfect opportunity for you to figure out if the company is a good fit for you. Some sample questions include: What skills so you see as most important in order to be successful in this position? What types of on-the-job training do you offer? What is the most significant challenge facing your staff now?
    • Know the logistics for your interview: location, time of interview, parking, public transit, estimated commuting time, etc. Give yourself plenty of time, just in case.
    • Select appropriate clothing for your interview. Professional attire is generally recommended but you should learn as much as you can about the industry you are interviewing with to select the most appropriate clothing.

We adapted this information from MIT's Career Advancement and Professional Development department. They advise MIT students on how to land their perfect job.

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