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Biolermakers Northeaster Area JATC


Boilermakers are responsible for assembling, erecting, and maintaining boilers, tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, calandrias, pollution control systems, furnaces, condensers, water towers, penstocks an scroll cas- ings using hoisting, rigging, welding equipment, tools and hardware as required by drawings, specifications, and applicable codes and standards.

Boilermakers Northeastern Area JATC

Length of Apprenticeship:

-Four (4) years.
-Apprentices must attend 576 classroom hours of training.
-Apprentices must complete 6,000 on-the-job hours to graduate from the program.


-1st Year: 65% of Journeyperson’s Wage. -2nd Year: 70% of Journeyperson’s Wage. -3rd Year: 80% of Journeyperson’s Wage. -4th Year: 90% of Journeyperson’s Wage.

Basic Requirements:

-Must be at least 18 years old
-Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate.

Application Process:

Applications will be distributed on the LAST Friday of every month from 8:00 to 11:00 am.


Jason Dupuis, Dir.
Boilermakers Northeastern Area JATC 297Burnside Ave
East Hartford, CT 06108
Tel: (860) 569-8368
Fax: (860) 291-0802

Tom Saccoach, Business Manager Boilermakers Local 29
68 Sagamore Street
North Quincy, MA 02171Tel: (617) 328-8400
Fax: (617) 328-7582

A program of:

Office of Government and Community Relations

The Job Connector by MIT was created as part of the community benefits package of the VolpeMIT rezoning.